Protection for you and your family

As independent financial advisors, we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, to provide unbiased advice on any and every type of insurance. Furthermore, our professional qualifications ensure that we have a thorough understanding of current insurance practice covering technical issues, market knowledge and product selection. You’ll find our knowledge to be particularly valuable in the specialised areas of protection, such as private medical insurance, critical illness, long-term care and arranging cover for non-standard risks.


Price comparison sites are not unbiased

Price comparison websites aren’t always what they seem. For a start, the results can be less than comprehensive. Why? Because the insurance company may not have agreed payment terms with the site provider. Or the insurer has chosen not to be listed on the site. Price of course is always an important factor. But to get to the top of the listings, companies will sometimes limit the scope of cover or impose conditions. Unfortunately, you only realise the difficulties those restrictions create when you come to make a claim. Always keep in mind that fairer and better cover may be available elsewhere for just a slightly higher premium.

Starting afresh or looking for lower premiums?

If you have existing insurances, your advisor will review those arrangements to see if there are better options—in terms of cover and premium—on the market. If you never taken out insurance before, E & G will handle all the arrangements for you.

When making our recommendations we will consider any and every relevant option to identify and arrange the most appropriate protection arrangements in these areas:

  • Personal financial protection
  • Relevant Life Protection
  • Lump sum life assurance
  • Regular income life assurance
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Shareholders’ Protection Insurance